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Filesystem Backups Purge Mount Quota (Bytes) Quota (Inodes)
Home Daily No /nfs/home/ 2TB / 3TB 2M / 3M
Long-Term Daily No /nfs/long/ 5TB / 6TB 2M / 3M
Public Daily No /nfs/home/public 2TB / 2TB 2M / 2M
Project Daily No /nfs/project/
Lustre Scratch No 60 Days /lustre/scratch 20TB / 20TB 5M / 6M
NFS Scratch No 60 Days /nfs/scr/1, /nfs/scr/2 2TB / 3TB 5M / 6M


Quotas are comprised of SOFT and HARD limits. The SOFT limit is to alert you that you are approaching the HARD limit. Your login sessions and jobs may fail if you exceed your home directory HARD quota. You will receive email notification when you exceed your Home directory or NFS Scratch quota.


You can use the “myquota” command from your login node to monitor your usage across all filesystems.

login:~> myquota