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Modules are a system for managing dynamic environmental variables. These are used to manage binary/library paths and environmental variables for most programs.

Listing Available Modules

To see a list of available modules, type the following the following at a command prompt:

#> module avail

Modules Being Used

To retrieve a list of modules currently being used in your environment, use:

#> module list

Loading a Module

To take advantage of a module, you must first load it into your environment. To load a module or modules into your environment, use:

#> module load  

It is important to note that the ORDER of modules being loaded matter! Some modules may have dependencies on other modules. If you forget to load a depedency, you will receive an error message.

Removing a Module

To remove a module from your environment, use:

#> module remove  

Removing All Modules

To remove all (purge) modules currently being used in your environment, use:

#> module purge


To run the VASP program, you must load the appropriate VASP module and its dependencies. Type “module avail” to see a list of available VASP modules. To properly load the VASP module, the Intel compiler module must be loaded first, then IntelMPI, and then VASP. For this particular example, the following module load line would be used:

#> module load intel/2019.1.0453 intelmpi/2019.1.144 vasp/5.4.4