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Intended Use


The “general” partition and “normal” QOS are the default partition and QOS.


The “bigmem” partition is to be used for codes which require more than 2.4GB of memory per process. However, users can submit to the “bigmem” partition regardless of memory requirement if the other partitions are fully allocated.


The “shared” parttion is to be used for code development, testing, and debugging in an interactive batch session. Jobs should be submitted via ‘salloc -q shared’ along with other salloc flags (such as number of nodes, node feature, and walltime request, etc.).


The “gpu” partition is to be used for GPU-accelerated code or code development. GPU intensive graphical applications can also be launching on this partition


The “post” partition is to be used for post-processing using graphical application or GPU intensive graphical applications.


The “large” partition is a single system intended for very large memory applications and is only available upon special request.