The Joule 2.0 Supercomputer is for use in research projects supported by NETL-RIC. Resources may be allocated to researchers from universities or other government labs at the discretion of NETL-RIC Director, provided they have NETL-RIC projects.

Gaining Access to Joule 2.0

The following information is required to gain access and make an analysis of your needs, this information should be sent to

  • Name, affiliation, and citizenship
  • If you are ORISE who is your ORISE mentor(s)
  • Which NETL Directorate you are in
  • Who are your supervisor(s)
  • What Field Work Proposal(s) are you supporting where you think supercomputer access is required
  • Name and brief description of the code(s) you plan to run
  • Software or hardware resources you’ll need, e.g. specific compiler, number of cores
  • A brief statement of benefits to NETL
Once Access is Approved

If you are approved for access to Joule 2.0, you will receive a packet containing user credentials, login instructions, USB encryption key, and our client software which provides:

  • Remote graphical and command line access.
  • File transfer capabilities
  • Port forwarding
  • Collaborative desktops
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